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Richard B Russell Airport Staff
Richard B Russell Regional Airport in Rome, GA
Antique plane at Russell Regional Airport
Field Trip at the arirport

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Jet A $4.65 / gallon
AvGas (100LL) $4.39 / gallon
Self Serve AvGas $3.99 / gallon
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Customer Review

BRAVO, BRAVO BRAVO!!!!! Today's show was magnificent. I'm a Navy vet of the 1970's. I sat in my yard and watched perfection in our U.S. Air Force fighter jets. I will be watching all weekend. Thank you for hosting this air show. I am a proud American!!!!!!
Mary Chambers

Hours of Operation

7 am to 8 pm, Sunday through Saturday

For after hours, please call 911 and an on-call lineman will be dispatched. If you would like to set up an after hours request, please call (706)295-7835 from 7 am to 8 pm and someone will assist with those arrangements.  A $100 Call Out Fee is applied to all after hours arrangements.  Self-Serve 100LL is available 24 hours.