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We stopped here on our annual tour of the US. Great airport, great service . Andrew & Veronika Squires RV6A CFFST
Andrew Squires
This one of the greatest airports in the world. It has an awesome School and One of the biggest and best Airshows in the world. Wings Over North Georgia. And I pray that I will be flying out of there a lot. Thank you Floyd County. The airport is owned by the public. Wow.
David Boatwright
Great airport and personnel!
Dick Evelyn
Best airport in Georgia!
Ron Griffith
BRAVO, BRAVO BRAVO!!!!! Today's show was magnificent. I'm a Navy vet of the 1970's. I sat in my yard and watched perfection in our U.S. Air Force fighter jets. I will be watching all weekend. Thank you for hosting this air show. I am a proud American!!!!!!
Mary Chambers
I've flown in RMG several times and it's always been a terrific experience. The FBO building is well equipped for flight planning and/or crew rest, super clean, and the staff is friendly and helpful.
Joe Carpenter

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